Software Freedom School

Teaching the world how to use and why to choose free software.

We started as a self-organized group of entrenched tech professionals. Because we were tired of learning new technology in old ways, we decided to embrace the flexibility and freedom presented by open-source software and began to organize and present classes within that new framework! This became the SFS method of teaching. It is what carries us and our students into a revolutionary new paradigm for creating great technology teachers!

We cater to Subject Matter Experts (SME's) and newbies alike - any technology professional is very often both, being one or the other at different times, sometimes even within the same subject matter. Providing the environment to move from one role to the other is where the Software Freedom School truly shines!

We have a powerful passion for perusing, pursuing, and perpetually professing free software! By that, we share the spirit of the Free Software Foundation: "When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price." This means that we, like the FSF, are fully committed to the user’s Four Freedoms, which are the freedoms to use, study, share, and modify the software.

We as purveyors of free and open-source softwares believe that software and its use is both an art and a science, and more than that, we believe that art and science progress best when the freedom of creators is respected and protected just as much as the freedom of the users.

In that spirit, SFS teaches free software in a free software way. The assets we create or commission are all given to our students under a CC-BY-SA copyleft license. You are allowed and encouraged to use, study, share, modify our materials, and even to make money at it if you have the opportunity. We only ask that you give us credit and respect your students' freedom just as we respect yours.

Please remember:

  • Enjoy the experience. Do what you can to make it better for everyone.
  • Take care of the materials and the space. Remember to "reduce, reuse, recycle, restore, & rethink." We provide the tools for you to freely use!
  • Maintain a beginner's mindset. Keep your mind open to learning new things, even if you consider yourself an expert on a particular topic or subject matter.
  • Take turns with the expert and novice roles. Have confidence in your answer when in the expert role. If you must touch another person's keyboard to solve a problem, revert your changes and let them try it. We believe the best learning happens through direct experience. On the other hand, don't hesitate to ask others when you don't understand everything or are having trouble keeping up with the material.
  • Don't distract others. Use Mattermost if you would like to pass notes. When you're stuck, ask your neighbor for help first, then ask the TA (Teacher's Assistant). And please, keep your clothes on.
  • Pay for the class however you can. Almost every SFS class is PWYC (Pay What You Choose). You know what your budget is and what your values are. Whether you pay what was suggested, more, less, or differently, is entirely up to you, your budget, your values, and your priorities. You can pay with cash in the Give Jar, use the Envelopes of Karmic Justice, paypal, bitcoin, ethereum...