Software Freedom School

Teaching the world how to use and why to choose free software.


David L. Willson

The starry-eyed pirate captain who turned the twinkle in his eye into the Software Freedom school in 2013. David has over a decade of experience as a Linux systems administrator and has appeared across the country at events supporting free software.



It is good to be David's wife and co-founder of SFS. There are many things I contribute to SFS but my favorite is feeding the geeks. It is a pleasure to serve my friends and be in an community that truly takes care of and supports one another.


Aaron is part of the original crew of SFS. He brings DevOps, leadership, and a desire to make our community great!


For those on a tech learning path, I highly recommend you incorporate #community into your learning and help others along the same/similar path as you. Hosting these classes has been great for me in this regard. With added bonus of creating great friendships along the way.


Silvia is currently a Systems Engineer at F5 Networks - She also brings her results oriented Bus Dev skills, Product Management and Systems/Sales Engineering role execution. - Service Provider, NEM (Network Equipment Manufacturer) and Enterprise experience. - Technical sales expertise-- solution based selling


I'm the youngest blood among the SFS captains. There is a vast galaxy of software and technology out there, and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet - that’s what’s amazing. I joined SFS to explore new worlds, to find new civilizations, to *boldly go where no man has gone before*. Oh, wait, that’s Starfleet. Well, it’s not far off the mark, anyway. I’m here to explore the vast universe of technology and free software and help make star charts for anyone who wants to brave the universe, too! I love reading voraciously, writing terribly, and programming cool new software.

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